Friday, August 1, 2008

Remember your dream is your oldest scheme

So keep on wishin'! Happy first weekend of August my darlings. I am beyond excited to spend the next upcoming week with my family. For some crazy reason two complete opposite people met at a basketball game and fell in love and years later decided to have me...the rest is history. Despite how much my parents have driven me crazy over the years i love dearly and consider myself incredibly lucky to be one of their offspring. Thank god for basketball! So enjoy your work weeks- I will try my hardest to write about all the bands I have listed on post it notes all around my desk and apartment. They are all worthy of listening to and by next weekend you will have some good new tunes for your fantastic daily happenings.
Curtis Mayfield-Move On Up.mp3
The Meters-Hands Clapping Song.mp3
The Heptones-Do Good To Each And Everyone.mp3
King Curtis-Piping Hot.mp3
The Sound Studio-Give Me Some More.mp3
Valella Valella-Alex Boom Selector.mp3
Cedric Im Brooks-Silent Force.mp3
Winston Wright & The Upsetters-Jam #1.mp3

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