Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pop Levi

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Earlier this summer Mozambique Courier, also known as British artist Pop Levi released his album Never Never Never Love (on Counter Records) which i just discovered today-heading into the last weekend of the ete. This is incredibly sad since it is the perfect dance music for all of those hipster rooftop parties that New Yorkers love to talk about and re-live alllll year long. Yawn! So to perk you up and put on your iPod before you head out of town for the long weekend i have selected some of my favorite tracks to share with you. Although this band is new to me and possibly new to you as well he has been working with Ladytron and put out a debut album back in 2007, The Return to Form Black Magick Party. The tracks on Never Never Never Love are a bit more sophisticated, smooth and addictive with simple lyrics and groove-worthy melodies. Definitely a departure from the heavily synth and electronically influenced Ladytron. All i know is i like both and you should as well.
Pop Levy-Dita Dimone.mp3
Pop Levi-Never Never Love.mp3
Pop Levi-Mais Space.mp3
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