Thursday, August 28, 2008

They call it a comeback...

Alright so I will admit The Verve have blessed us with some pretty darn good songs but I have never devoted much of my attention to them beyond putting Bittersweet Symphony on almost every warm-up tape I made in High School for my sports teams. I remember lying on my childhood bedroom the one season I couldn't run winter track and listening to Oasis' Champagne Supernova on repeat (on my yellow Sony Walkman) back to back with about a cool-down session, it was down right depressing! Both bands are trying to make a comeback in the States in a big way and I wouldn't be surprised if The Verve's first single off of their new album Forth doesn't make it onto an episode of the upcoming season of Entourage. It just seems like one of those songs Vinny Chase and co. would be walking off into the sunset to. Cheesy yes---fantastic, you betcha.
The Verve-Mover.mp3
The Verve-Love Is Noise.mp3

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