Friday, August 29, 2008

Pete and the Pirates

Heading into this long weekend is the perfect time to acquaint your ears with the rambunctious Pete and the Pirates. Why, because if you are lucky enough you are spending this weekend situated on a beach or river or lake of some sort soaking up as much sun and swimming as you possibly can before we are back into the work routine of late hours and leaving when it is already dark outside. Sigh...and so it goes. Similar in sound and theme to The Pigeon Detectives, The Voom Blooms and The Fratellis their music is light and full of pop'eske lyrics and upbeat rhythms. Home to them are the successful-indie-band-rearing streets of Reading, England. My favorite track off of their first release, Little Death (which was released back in February) is Mr. Understanding for its jovial quality and youthful expression. This is a good introduction to just what Craig David (vocals), Praying Hefferan (vocals and guitar), Dodie Thorpe (guitar), Paste Cattermoul (bass) and Jum-Jum Sanders (drums)have in store for you should you choose to check them out. If you decide to dislike them you are in good company with Vice magazine's Stewy Matterson who claimed that their album Little Death was the "worst album of the month" category with "jangly guitar music that doesn’t actually sound like it wants to be heard by anybody apart from [the band's] mothers." OUCH.
Pete and the Pirates-Mr. Understanding.mp3
Pete and the Pirates-Come On Feet.mp3
*(this track sounds like the Hidden Cameras to me)
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