Friday, August 22, 2008

I wrote it down in a letter so you could read it...

Ohio's very own State Bird recently stopped by My Old Kentucky Blog and Daytrotter and recorded some beautiful live in studio sessions. Being a huge fan of the boldly talented Magnetic Fields it is easy to understand why State Bird caught my attention and delighted my ears. They are a bit more upbeat and sound like Vampire Weekend on some tracks such as I Don't Love You Anymore which is sure to be a hit with audiences as we head into the fall. Mostly Ghostly is the sophomore release from Coby Hartzler and Jared Riblet and since I am joining in the game late I definitely will be checking out Marching Thru The Wilderness as well. If you enjoy what you hear, you should do some homework too!
State Bird-The Bright July Night.mp3
State Bird-Uh Oh!.mp3

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