Thursday, October 4, 2007

If you missed the Maccabees last time-

Like i unfortunately did then the week of CMJ is your week. Infectiously catch but sharp and full of wit at the same time, they are one of my most favorite discoveries of 2007. According to my friends who all caught The Maccabees at the Knitting Factory they also put on quite the live performance with tightly delivered songs and comfortable stage presence. They will be live on KEXP Friday, October 19th at 12:00 PM as well as at Bowery Ballroom with The Sons and Daughters and The Spinto Band. Tickets are still available. Saturday, October 20th they will be at Pianos during a free showcase that begins at 12:00 PM and runs until 7:00 PM and thus far includes Tiny Masters of Today. Check back for exact time sets the week of. This is one *Import* band you do not want to miss. Trust me!
The Maccabees-All In Your Rows.mp3
The Maccabees-Precious Time.mp3
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Ariel L said...

Tough day with Ghostland and MIA...Keep the update rollin on the Pianos show though.
See ya Saturday...if not before.