Monday, October 8, 2007

To Prepare you for next week...

You should head over to Daytrotter, a website i definitely could not live without. Well, at least not as happy as i currently am. They continue to invite talented and enjoyable acts into their studios, churning out fresh interviews and lovely songs (recorded live!). Today while searching to see if The Cave Singers had stopped by and instead i found The Maccabees which well- you know i love. Thank you Daytrotter! Plus they adequately describe their songs with one of the best discriptions i have come across yet:
"Do young men still woo young women by tossing small pebbles at the panes of room windows, soft enough to be detected by the sleeper in the identified room, but silent to all those throughout the rest of the home? Do these pebbles peck off of the glass and carom at 45-degree angles, falling to the flooring of a hanging balcony that recalls settings from important scenes in the plays of Shakespeare? Do young men spend their time gathering sweaty palms still, lying awake making nights worrisome with doubt and unrequited love that almost makes them burst like a water balloon? Do they picture themselves climbing up trellises to take their fair maidens into their arms and really just love them truly, not in the sticky, commercialized, lustful way that you see in the big pictures and on the little screens? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, or I believe so, then The Maccabees could be the rightful chroniclers of these uncorrupted feelings of innocent love"
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