Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wildlight/Les Savy Fav/Blonde Redhead/LDC Soundsystem/Arcade Fire-SET TIMES!

Set times, set times, set times! I still can't believe this date is already here-time is just a flyin.' If you haven't gotten a ticket yet most of my people have extras and will be selling theirs outside the gates or you can go the old fashion route via Ticketmonster. As of right now the weather looks good, fingers crossed! Like it would dare to rain on the masterful Win Butler.
Wildlight- 5-5:30
Les Savy Fav- 5:50-6:25
Blonde Redhead- 6:45-7:25
LCD Soundsystem- 7:45-8:45
Arcade Fire- 9:15pm
*thanks Bob-o*

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