Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday and Friday-CMJ! Bands you *MUST* go see

And by MUST i mean *SHOULD* we are not about being pushy here folks, but these next two mornings/days/nights have some excellent talent packed into their wee hours. Starting off one of my favorite bands out of Pennsylvania, The Shackeltons, they are playing at Pianos tomorrow night at 9:00 PM. Their sets are packed with energy leaking out of every guitar riff and lyrics that shock you with brutal honesty and raw emotion. Check out what Sentimentalist Magazine has to say about them; "With an explosive urgency that thrives on neat, loud-soft-loud bursts of poetry and gritty chaos, singer Mark Redding performs both live and on record as if the words he’s spewing are thrusting out his demons. The drama almost cannot be contained. Think of the fun and hellfire of The Gun Club or Birthday Party, but with the tight finesse of Interpol and Fugazi, and you’ll begin to get the idea." They are on John in The Mornings' record label, Loveless Records-so if both of those bits of information combined to do not convince you- i don't know what will!

Next on the list is Black Kids at the Annex tonight at 10:00 PM or tomorrow during BrookylnVegans' showcase at Pianos at 4:45 PM. I cannot say how their show is live, but I am sure Jaime will take notes for those of us who won't be able to make it out!

The Epochs-talent like this comes along only once in Epoch! Ohhhh!
I am very excited to tell you to check out The Epochs tonight. I was lucky enough to check both of these talented band earlier this week during their visits to KEXP, which you can go back and stream/podcast, review here. Lovely. The Epochs are just an incredible find for me this week. I wish there was more being made about them and Eagle Seagull, for i think both of those bands should have been on everyone's lips this week. I had heard of both of them before but really didn't take the time to check them out and well...they will both be on my list for the end of the year albums to check out, shows to check out...well you get the idea. BRILLIANT! You can check them out tonight at R Bar with Takka Takka (10:30 PM) and benzos (11:45 PM)- and The Epochs are closing out the night-this is gonna be a late one!

The Foals-the other band alluding to horses that you should check out
Next on the list besides Yeasayer (tomorrow-BV Party-Pianos), Islands (tomorrow-BV Party-Pianos), British Seapower (Tonight At Bowery Ballroom) is THE FOALS (they will also be LIVE on KEXP tomorrow at 4:00 PM). Just from listening to everyone talking about them it sounds like they are insane live. Again, you can check them at BrooklynVegan's showcase at Pianos on Saturday along with Tiny Masters of Today, The Maccabees and King Left.

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