Monday, October 29, 2007

The Poison Control Center

The Poison Control Center want to wish you a safe and Happy Halloween
During my first listen of the foursome better known as The Poison Control center I was reminded of the film Thumbsucker. It was one of my favorite films a few years ago and all of the songs were The Polyphonic Spree covers of Elliot Smith in sweet sing along fashion. Don't let your first listen of The Poison Control Center trick you like it did me-this band from Iowa can rock-in a fashion that definitely should not be compared to the robed indie sensation (which creeps me out a bit, not going to lie). Patrick Fleming and Devin Frank collectively stage fits of flailing limbs and upside down guitar squeals during their live performances and often invite the audience to join in on the adventure. The Poison Control Center is a band that SHOULD have been a buzz during this years' CMJ festivities but was sadly overlooked by many. Although they have officially been a band touring and creating music for six years now they are still a band that lives life relatively under the radar. Their debut album, "A Collage of Impressions" was mastered by Doug Van Sloun (Bright Eyes-Rilo Kiley) and hit stores this fall on Afternoon Records. All four members of the band sing on every track, harmonizing into a colorful blend of pop and rock melody that takes on a whole new meaning during their acrobatic live set.

Nov 3 Turf Club-St. Paul, Minnesota
Nov 4 Vaudeville Mews. Under the Microscope!-Des Moines, Iowa
*Nov 5 O’Leavers Pub-Omaha, Nebraska
Nov 6 The Bluebird-St. Louis, Missouri
Nov 7 KRUI-Iowa City & Nov 7 The Picador-Iowa City
*Nov 8 The Note-Chicago, Illinois
Nov 9 The Venue-Lafayette, Indiana
*Nov 11 Baker Theater-Athens, Ohio
Nov 12 The DAME-Lexington, Kentucky
*Nov 14 The Basement-Nashville, Tennessee
Nov 15 The Soul Bar-Augusta, Georgia
Nov 16 GA TECH U.. "Under the Couch"-Atlanta, Georgia
Dec 31 Nomad Pub! Greatest New Years Party EVER-Minneapolis, Minnesota
Jan 3 Schubas-Chicago, Illinois
Jan 8 World Grotto-Knoxville, TN
Jan 12 Jack Rabbitt Lounge-Shreveport, Louisiana
Jan 18 Vaudeville Mews (LADD’s Historic Birthday Bash!)-Des Moines, Iowa

The Poison Control Center stop by and visit Daytrotter
The Poison Control Center stop by and played for KEXP during CMJ
The Poison Control Center-Make Love a Star.mp3
The Poison Control Center-Driving.mp3

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Travis said...

Poison Control Center know how to hold it down, big boy style.