Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I have an idea that you are here

Before CMJ week i ventured out to Studio B to check out my latest electronic love, Digitalism. First i must express my affection for Studio B. The first time i went was last year to check out Junior Boys. It was one of the worst concert/show experiences of my life. My friends and I couldn't find out way there in any sort of effective manner. We even stopped and asked for directions! By the time we got there we were thoroughly frozen and fed up. To  make matters worse, it wasn't the best show. I was disappointed with Junior Boys to say the least and swore I would never return to Studio B, unless the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (*yes- i know they did*) played there or someone of the caliber. I am stubborn like that. It was hard for us Manhattan folk to access and well, the sound needed some work. I am glad to report that I happily eat my words when I say Studio B is pretty darn fancy. I LOVED it for Digitalism. I felt like I was back in Europe. The DJs who were spinning their special mixes before and after were very fine indeed and everyone was dancing. It was a delight for the eyes to see hipsters in their element. I am a sucker for their flashy fashions but beyond that they danced! Digitalism were even better than their album. Chatting with the crowd and playing their hearts out they performed on every level...for an electronic set. The lasers, lights and smoke machines were all working over time. So much so that my friends and I had to change location...we are getting old and the smoke hurts our ancient lungs. I was sad I couldn't make it out for Justice's DJ set late night on Saturday. Maybe if I had it would have saved their performance at Terminal 5 for me, for I was not impressed. To say the least. My friends were- so maybe it was just my being exhausted and not loving the space. I LOVE their album, it is a fantastic record and definitely one of my favorites of the year. It just didn't do anything for me in person. I danced and had a good time, but I enjoyed Digitalism more. Hey, to each their own.
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****This is my first negative review, which I hesitate to post-for I love both of these bands (Junior Boys & Justice)- so just take it into account that people like different things!****

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