Wednesday, October 24, 2007


If I wasn't already completely enamoured with The Maccabees based on their lovely ballads and creative videos before they showed up to Gibson Studios last friday I definitely was falling over with admiration for them by the end of their set for KEXP. Wounded guitarist in tow the boys were falling over themselves with such heartfelt apologies to back up the probability of a bad performance or possibly an acoustic set from Orlando.

Felix was nursing a completely infected finger- so much that he was literally in tears during his set. The band insisted on carrying on, ripping through a stellar four minute set without a glitch. Between each song the boys gathered around Felix for pats on the back or arm, lending as much support as was possible in such a situation. I have seen many bands cancel for lesser reasons up to something being wrong on their rider (as in the wrong type of imported organic mango). Here is a band that is out to play and win you over. Even if they don't they have fun along the way and most importantly remain true to their music and each other. I stopped by Pianos to catch their set on Saturday afternoon and to check on Felix. It was like watching a completely different person. Animated and joyful he played his guitar with as much perfection as the afternoon before. One would have been hard pressed to find a difference in his technical performance. It was a celebration to see him enjoy their last CMJ performance. The audience at Pianos seemed to know all of the words and were adoring and appreciative. I am sure The Maccabees receive a lot of love from the female population of their fan base but I am here to say that it goes along way to find a incredibly gracious band in this day and age. Especially one who is willing to play for a public radio station through immense pain. Beyond that their music is solid. Their live show is furious and fun. I wish them all the luck and hope they come back soon. And Felix- take care of your fingers this time out, eh!

Photo log of the Maccabees in studio at KEXP
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