Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Feral Children

Feral Children are a band based out of Seattle with a self-released album, To The Last Frontier comfortably behind them for 2007. The single, Jaundice Giraffe is quite catchy and shines with Scott Colburns' production skills (Arcade Fire, Animal Collective). Multi-layered with rattling drums and eerie guitar rifs they are a band that should be receiving national attention and hopefully will add some east coast tour dates sometime soon.

Feral Children are on tour throughout the Seattle Area right NOW!
Nov 24 Neumo’s-Seattle, Washington
Dec 6 Chop Suey-Seattle, Washington
Dec 31 Comet Tavern/ with the Trucks,-Seattle, Washington
Jan 11 The Crocodile Cafe-Seattle, Washington
Feral Children-450 Jaundice Giraffe.mp3

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Dianna said...

Hey, thanks for the Feral Children support! Anyone who's interested in buying their debut album off of Sarathan Records should look here: