Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Ticket F'in Sneaky Snake Shit Master

Anyone notice anything odd about their Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow ticket when it came in the mail? You are not alone. How does a ticket that was advertised as $31.00 dollars come out to be $51.60? Jaime did the ground work to investigate what is really going on. "So I called ticketbastard to discuss why my ticket was $36.00 and (another friend of ours) was $31.00. When I told them the event they said tickets are $31.00. I then asked how come ticketmaster.com says $36.00 and I do not have an option for the $31.00 Price Level? They put me on hold and said the tickets which were $31 were student tickets. I then said say I bought a ticket from you, how would you verify I was a student and not a regular person not in school?! He suggested I bring this up with their customer service department. Pretty f'n dumb if ya ask me." Here-here Jaime! Well said. Unfortunately as well all know this is how ticketf'er rolls...
Cut Chemist and DJ Shadow Tags

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