Monday, November 26, 2007


Being out of the city for even a day is such a treat but then you slowly get an itch and realize how much you miss it at the same time. Luckily we have a good week of shows to look forward to. I am most excited to see Zookeeper this Thursday, November 29th at Pianos. I took them along for my drives along the leaf speckled curvy roads surrounding my home town and couldn't shake them from my head. Their lyrics found me as I walked with my pup under the Maryland nighttime November sky illuminated by the full moon. Their album, Becoming All Things sways with the sweet voice of Chris Simpson while a modge-podge of horns, harmonica, piano, and acoustic guitar cushion his pop soaked lyrics. The high points of the album come early on with tracks 'Becoming All Things' and 'Snow in Berlin.' While some tracks fall into the trap of being "too listener friendly" for some indie listener's ears it is the honesty in his voice and simplicity of the soft piano that keep me wanting more. Check them out this week as they slowly make their journey up north.
Nov 26-The Earl~Atlanta,Georgia
Nov 27-Local 506~Chapel Hill,North Carolina
Nov 28-Red and Black Bar~Washington DC
Nov 29-Piano’s~Manhattan,New York
Nov 30-House Party @ Rutgers University~Rutgers,New Jersey
Dec 1-House Party~Boston,Massachusetts
Dec 2-Sound Fix-In store w/ Matt Gangi~Williamsburg,New York
Dec 5-The Beat Kitchen~Chicago,Illinois
Dec 6-Vaudeville Mews~Des Moines
Dec 7-Bear’s Place~Bloomington,Indiana
Zookeeper-Ballad Of My Friends.mp3

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