Thursday, November 15, 2007

Oh that Kevin Drew...

I must start off by saying that I sincerely wish Jaime was not so busy at work and could write a more 'proper' review of the Kevin Drew show at Webster Hall last night because A- I do not know much about Broken Social Scene and B- had not really listened to Kevin Drew's solo creation until last night. A friend of mine recently questioned me if i go to shows where I do not know the music and i enthusiastically answered 'yes, of course!' and a reason for that would be experiences like Kevin Drew. With all of the guests lined up and a packed Webster Hall Kevin and his personality were ready to perform. I list these as two separate identities because there is musician Kevin who simply put pastes together his songs and then there is the stand up comedian Kevin who intertwines his life experiences with his music. I love when artists banter because even if it is all an act it shows you a bit more of their personality which if you are into the music as a fan is always enjoyable. Kevin had enough banter to do a stand up performance with rips on text messaging ('people are living their lives on text-their sex lives, their love lives, their work lives...') to asking the audience for various items of clothing so he could perform a song and then handing the items back one by one, embarrassing a fellow member of the band with a story regarding a cheesy pick up line and apologizing for their guitars being a bit out of tune due to Sam's brother/technician/professional snowboarder. Kevin made you feel as if you were just sitting in a living room or barn chillaxin' with him and his crew. His jokes came as easily as his beautifully created songs off of his solo album, Spirit If. Guest appearances by Emily Haines (who attended Etobicoke School of the Arts with Drew and is a member of Broken Social Scene and Metric), Scott Kannberg (Pavement)and James Shaw (Metric) made the night all the more special. J. Mascis (Dinosaur Jr) was scheduled to perform but had to turn around due to a new addition to his family. Everyone on stage melded together into a collaborative fluid melody even though at times it seemed a bit chaotic it always sounded technically tight without losing the fun. It sounds incredibly silly to classify a show as fun but the spirit of the show as all about having fun. It has been awhile since i have seen so many people clearly enjoying playing their music and being with their friends on stage. Drew himself comes across as an urban hippie and has been quoted for his connection with his audience as being one of the most important aspects of his live show. "We want to affect audiences' hearts and minds with honesty."It is easy to understand stories of kisses, hugs and handshakes all being a normal part of the Kevin Drew experience after you see him. His songs are backed up by horns and the overwhelmingly loud and heavy presence of guitar, which for me was the highlight. Although his songs come across as carefree melodies and cheerful expressions the lyrics are insightful while Drew flirts with the dark side of his personality and creativity.
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