Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Jens Lekman on KEXP today

Most artists that I do not like off the album usually change my mind during a live performance, which I always consider to be a good thing. Better than having a band fall apart live and ruin your opinion of them, right? Everyone seems to be loving Jens Lekman, including Jaime- yet I have yet to spend enough time with his albums to feel the effect. He will be gracing KEXP with a set this afternoon at 12:40 PM (EST). After my first few listens of his new album it reminded me of a squeaky clean version of Adam Green, which again makes me wonder why America has yet to embrace him?!
Jens Lekman-Your Arms Around Me.mp3
Jens Lekman-And I Remember Every Kiss.mp3

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Anonymous said...

heard him on KEXP, liked it, a lot, listened to the album, didn't love it. would see him live though.
-stuck in the boonies, T