Friday, November 9, 2007

Happpppyyy Friday! Aka-Go to see MR. BROWNSTONE TOMORROW

"*While your friends are going to bars thinking they’re heavy shit because they just did seven shots or, ooooh they talked to a pretty girl, you are out there, in the streets, destroying society with your bare hands like your life is a Dead Kennedys song.*"
Thank you Vice Magazine- always insightful.
Mobius Band-Friends Forever.mp3
Tokyo Police Club-Cut Cut Paste.mp3 (NEW and so so so kickin!)
CSS- Music Is My Hot Hot Sex.mp3 (Damn you APPLE marketing crew- you stole my theme song made it into a commercial for the iPod touch! Now if i could some how acquire one of those beauties all previous offenses would be forgotten. Deal?)
Ravens and Chimes-General Lafayette! You Are Not Alone.mp3

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