Monday, November 5, 2007

Sea Wolf Tonight at The Mercury Lounge

Tickets are still available for tonight's Sea Wolf show at the Mercury Lounge. One of the most prolific singer/songwriters on the scene today. If you needed a little bit more insight to Alex's background and adventures SPIN Magazine can helpfully provide you with just that,
"Alex Brown Church had quite the childhood, spending time in a gold rush California town and in Europe. "When I was 7 or 8, I can't remember now cause it was so long ago, my parents and I moved to France and lived in a tent on the edge of a forest," Church tells "I also remember it was near a corn field. Anyway, we lived in this tent for over a year while my mother and nine other women built some structure or building for charity reasons. That's something I don't know if I've ever told anybody!"
Sea Wolf-Middle Distance Runner (live in the MOKB_WEEM studio 8_9_07).mp3
Sea Wolf-Winter Windows (live in the MOKB_WEEM studio 8_9_07).mp3
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