Friday, November 9, 2007

Rosewood Thieves-tonight and in CA, Austin...

Available for all your holiday needs. Folks I give you THE ROSEWOOD THIEVES
By now you know of my overwhelming affection for this band. Simply put, I love them, they are fantastic, you should go see them. To The Rosewood Thieves: have a good tour and come home soon!
```Traveling Days```
Nov 9 Mercury Lounge*New York, New York
Nov 16 Housing Works*Bookstore New York, New York
Dec 7 Hotel Utah*San Francisco, California
Dec 11 Bordello*Los Angeles, California
Dec 12 Silverlake Lounge*Los Angeles, California
Dec 15 Little Radio Xmas Party at Harry Houdini’s House*Los Angeles, California
Dec 19 Stubb’s*Austin, Texas
Dec 21 The Khyber*Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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