Friday, November 16, 2007

Malajube-Je t'aime.

Last night I finally caught Malajube after missing them at last years CMJ and this summer out in Prospect Park. I was not disappointed even for a second. Smashing into their drum kit and ripping on their guitars this Montreal collective delivers rock n roll en francais. Which I am willing to wager is the only reason that Bowery Ballroom was not packed last night. I was surprised and saddened by the turn out simply because this band deserved an adoring audience. There were a few fans pushed up against the stage dancing to their hearts content but it was not enough to cover up for the lack of energy in the room. Julien still delivered, laying his lyrics down with ferious contempt and conviction. Favorites, Metronome, Fille À Plumes and Montreal -40c were full of spit and vigour with lyrics that Mineau describes as "pretty vague and fucked up. Maybe that’s not the right word – fucked up – but they’re like that.They’re not straight-forward. A song could be about love or it could be about the doctor when he’s performing and operation on you.” If you love loud, rough, catchy music than you will love Malajube- if you can get past the fact that they sing in French. Which works. Perfectly. Hopefully next time around they will receive the affection they deserve. These Montreal boys ROCK.

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