Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloweenhead @ Hammerstein

Jaime loved it-MusicSlut did NOT
I am a bit biased because I am still in the honeymoon stages when it comes to Ryan Adams. After many years of refusing to listen to his music or see his shows due to the horrific stories of his raw exhibitions of alcoholism and debauchery or just plan stubbornness I finally gave in when Jaime dragged me to a show. Ever since he has grown on me to the point where I was sad to have missed last nights' show at Hammerstein due to my previous commitment to going to see the Black Crowes with Patti Smith. The ever loyal Jaime went and reports back with exclamations of a killer show with a stellar set list:
On: 8pm

Peaceful Valley~Blue Hotel~Mockingbird~Beautiful Sorta~Rescue Blues~Sun Also Sets~Stars Go Blue~Goodnight Rose~Cold Roses~Freeway to the Canyon~Graboff Joke/Happy Birthday Spacewolf~Off Broadway/Jam~Please Do Not Let Me Go


Bartering Lines~Kiss Before I Go~The End~Dear John~Nightbirds~Wildflowers~Shakedown~Everybody Knows~Why Do They Leave~Two~Halloween Head~Goodnight Hollywood Blvd.~I See Monsters


Let it Ride~Down in a Hole~What Sin/Jam~Peaceful End

Ryan Adams-Rip Off.mp3
Ryan Adams-Live in Oslo-Afraid Not Scared.mp3
Ryan Adams-Live in Oslo-I See Monsters.mp3
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