Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I felt you in my life before I even thought to

Tegan and Sara. Canadians. Twin sisters. Sold out shows across the country. Writers of the sweetest, love stricken songs you could possibly conjure to confess within the pages of your diary beginning at the age of twelve and on. Last night I was in a bit of a love sick mood myself as I wandered over to Webster Hall to check out what two of my favorite albums, So Jealous and The Con would sound like in such a large space. I had just gotten off the phone from talking with my best friend since the age of seventeen. We have been through every thing together from that awkward first semester at college to your first real heartbreak, to finally admitting we liked each other and dating for a bit. As I listened to him excitedly clue me on his plans to move in with his current girlfriend i felt my heart take one of those squeaking halts where you realize life is moving on-even if you might not be ready for it. Despite my happiness for him and his dearest and this wonderful step I still felt like I was taking another step back from knowing everything about him, which is inevitable when you live in different cities and meet different people. Silly as it sounds, life takes over. Standing in the audience last night listening to Tegan play her guitar and sing those words that touched home so painfully at that moment could not have been more therapeutic. Their songs are short, most of them barely clock at three minutes in length but they are intimately honest and dear to my heart. I discovered Tegan and Sara via Fuse one late night when I first moved to the city. All of the sudden on the screen there were these two identical girls dressed in all white having their hearts cut out and chopped to bits and pieces. The lyrics of Walking With A Ghost were invasive and infectious and the rest was history. The next day I left my little studio to trek out and find more music from this twin sister discovery. Since then they have won over massive female audiences and recently were sponsored by MTV as *Artist of the Week.* Their show was quirky and quickly paced with both Tegan and Sara playing their guitars and sharing stories from their song writing days for their latest album. Enjoying their voices live rather than just crooning from my iPod transformed these two into a magical harmonizing duo. Listening to them chime in at different points during the songs with each of them carrying a slightly different tune they embody the spirit of two singers becoming one right before your eyes. Their albums are the perfect soundtrack for experiences such as harbouring a crush, falling in love, falling out of love and sometimes for happily loving those who are dear to you and always will be...who are moving on.

Tegan and Sara-Relief Next To Me.mp3
Tegan and Sara-Nineteen.mp3

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beautiful sher.