Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Adele News...

Because Eric and I love her and you should as well...
so i signed with Columbia Records in the states a couple of weeks ago, which means the ball can get rolling now...

im coming back over the pond after my next U.K tour to do a north amerian one, starting at the end of may and going through till the end of june. to go alongside the release of my album. HOWEVER, the album will be available digitally on itunes before this. from APRIL 8th!! The actual CD release will come during/after the tour, because i cant be back in the U.S for nearly another 2 months to work a full blown release. And i want as many of you as possible who already know about me to get your hands on the album before then, without having to pay the shipping costs like i know some of you have done.

when i first do a show somewhere for the first time its a stripped back/acoustic affair, so most of the tour will be this, in smallish intimate places. Ive just done some shows in new york, l.a and canada - my band will be with me when i come back there.

the dates are all getting confirmed and all that over the next few days, then ill put them up!

again thanks for having me over the last couple of weeks, and thankyou so much for making my first shows and first proper visit a laugh!!

looking forward to the next leg of it..


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