Tuesday, April 1, 2008

I believe you could be what i need to believe

Friday night was my premiere rendez~vous with the one of the most treasured landmarks of New York City, the Museum of Natural History. The occasion that finally forced me to venture into the monolithic building was to dance out my demons. Sad, but true. Completely outside of my nature as a blatant belligerent science loving geek I had never taken the time to check out the museum (but with the admission to any of the Flavorpill events you can go back for free!!) and that being said i am definitely heading back sometime soon within the upcoming weeks. Hello-can we say Velociraptor in the entry way! Seriously folks...Attending an electronic/dance duo in a Museum packed with all of my favorite things, mummies, asteroids, explanations of DEATH STARS, a butterfly garden and well, my first love...DINOSAURS, i could not have been more in my element. Fully planning on seeing Simian Mobile Disco during their CMJ performance at Music Hall of Williamsburg I stupidly opted out to try and do the 'right' thing and attend a show for work reasons...which Jaime will never let me live down. So needless to say i was overjoyed at the news that they were making their way over to our little city again. Attack, Decay, Sustain, Release is an album stacked with deliciously mixed track after track and i had heard that their live performances were a sight to behold. Unfortunately the overall layout of the event itself could use some tweaking, i was separated from most of my friends within the first ten minutes, but the sound was crystal clear and the ambiance could not have been more custom made for this eclectic duo. Swiftly moving from track to track i became more excited for each upcoming surprise as the set progressed. Sadly they did not play Hot Dog or Love but a heavy rendition of Hustler completely topped off the event. After a viciously emotionally draining week it was exactly what this lady needed...that and a friendly neighborhood dinosaur.
Simian Mobile Disco-I Believe.mp3
Simian Mobile Disco-Sleep Deprivation.mp3
Simian Mobile Disco-Hustler.mp3
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