Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My care for you is such that...

The cleverly talented Bao
Hot Chip. hOt CHip. What to say about a band that encompasses every thing that has been lacking in danceable rock/pop music since Depeche Mode and Erasure were THE hip beats on the scene. I had not seen their live show since they played at Webster Hall and was sad at how dull and flat they seemed on a large stage after being spoiled by their intimate in-studio during CMJ 2006 with KEXP. Seeing them Tuesday night was watching a new band. Their sound has evolved into this overwhelming presence both on a visual and audio level. Boy From School is still my favorite song of theirs, to me it is seamless. Breaking it out as their second song in i was completely sold for the night. Even in the midst of a rabid dance party of sweaty Williamsburg hipsters the lyrics "Every time that we walk the streets, i try my best to keep up with the beat you're every thing that i never could keep" were golden with anguish and sincerity. Alexis Taylor croons with such purposeful dedication while simultaneously shaking an egg beater or pounding on the drums or banging on the keyboard...Monopolizing on percussion and rhythm the subtle whistling in the background reminds me of those classic 80s tracks from Phil Collins or Paul Simon. Then Taylor takes it up a notch urging the audience to chime in with clapping bringing a circular sound to the room while you find yourself swallowed alive by their hungry rhythm. Since touring with LCD Soundsystem Al Doyle is a force to be reckoned with and the whole room vibrated with his abusive fresh skills. Hot Chip is a first and foremost a dance party but their potent lyrics and virile musicians place them well ahead of most bands that try to mimic what they have been doing for the past eight years---making brilliant records and continuing to fine-tune their live show.
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