Friday, April 4, 2008

Muxtape-com'on-sport your *sKilLz*

Crystal Castles insanity by the magically talented Bao Nguyen
Making a mixed tape or if you want to be FaNcy* and MOdErN...a mixed cd for someone is 50% about yourself and 50% about the recipient of your time and affection. At least that is how it usually is when i take the time to make someone a cd and hence why when i finally hand it over it is with much hesitation and embarrassment because it is a bit of me baring my soul. No joke. I spend hours putting together compilations thinking about how i hope someone notices the same specific lyric that captured my attention and admiration or if they will notice how awesome it is when that beat drops that makes me dance like there is no tomorrow. Music is terribly personal and sharing it is something you should do daily with those you love. Earlier this week my friend Ariel passed along the website Muxtape which posts compilations created by people who also test their skills at pasting together the perfect melodic set. So to head into your weekend here is a mini-set chocked full of some fun stuff to groove to. It is J'slicks' birthday celebration so i had to at least put something together for him! HAPPPPYYY BIRTHDAY JAIME!
Fuck Buttons-Sweet Love for Planet.mp3
Crystal Castles-Crimewave.mp3
Hercules and Love Affair-Blind.mp3
Crystal Castles-Courtship Date.mp3
Lykke Li-I'm Good I'm Gone.mp3
Crystal Castles-Good Time.mp3
Apache Beat-Tropics-CFCF-remix.mp3
The Ting Tings-Great DJ.mp3
Solid Gold-Who You Gonna Run To.mp3
And yes...i have crashed painfully hard for Crystal Castles, they are soooo good, check out my review of their performance during FRICTION for my other love, KEXP here if you would like.

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