Saturday, April 19, 2008

`~Happy Record Store Day`~

Many a holiday are being celebrated this weekend and heading into next week: Passover, Earth Day and well of course, celebrate your Local Record Store Holiday! For those of you lucky enough to have a local Mom and Pop record store i sincerely hope you show them some lovins because i think it goes without saying that they have weathered the storm to still be kickin' it. I was asked my boss over at KEXP to share a local record store memory if i could and it was sad because i honestly didn't have one i thought was worthy enough to share. Growing up in the suburbs of Washington DC/Maryland area all we had were Tower Records stores. The closest thing to a fond memory i have to share would have been waking up at 6 AM in high school to wait in line to procure my annual WHFS'tival ticket. (my favorite radio station that is now defunct...)I did not have a fancy, modern CD player until i was 15 and the first vinyl i ever purchased on my own was Beastie Boys, Hello Nasty. So, I welcome you to check out some hilarious and heartwarming stories here. Brooklynvegan outlined all of the free events, discounts and giveaways going on in nYc area so if you are around please check them out for me, you can use a handy map that the NYtimes put together for you (*12 is my spot!!).

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