Friday, April 4, 2008

Important shows on sale TODAY @ 12!

Your friendly neighborhood Possum wishes you a HAPPY FRIDAY!
Morning little music lovers while you are (hopefully) listening to KEXP blasting the Voom Blooms or reading the announced Lolla line up don't forget to snag a post-it note and make a message to remind yourself to purchase tickets to the Raconteurs for their show at Terminal 5 on May 31st here. For those of you outside of nYc you can find tickets to the rest of their nationally scheduled dates as well. One of my favorite bands i have yet to see, the Toadies are playing Bowery Ballroom on June 26th. Grab those tickets here at 12:oo PM! Savy?!
Toadies-Possum Kingdom.mp3
The Raconteurs-Rich Kid Blues.mp3
The Raconteurs-Old Enough.mp3
The Raconteurs-Teenage Kicks.mp3
*The Raconteurs chose to cover this track orginially by The Undertones for the BBC's 40th anniversary last year. It was also the legendary John Peel's all-time favorite song.

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sarah said...

As a fan of the original you probably have an idea how excited I was to see that link!

Good stuff.