Sunday, April 6, 2008

We stand worlds apart

The Dodos are ablaze with energy and sound. I however am not due to a chest infection...hence this review being posted a little bit after the fact. If they are making their way to your town you should DEFINITELY check them out. They will be back in the city for Siren Festival 2008! Loved...and it would be easy to say it is because they sound like a band who dreams in the world of Animal Collective and lives their days in the world of the White Stripes. Mainly it was because during their set i was able to completely relax and enjoy wherever their songs happened to take me. I was genuinely impressed by Meric Long and Logan Kroeber and their ability to muster such energy on a late Sunday night, though it was incredibly hard to see them and their third band mate behind the sold out masses. Their set was full of light and spacious lullabies. It was enchanting and beautiful. Then they would strike out with a bluesy, tangled, messy ensemble of sliced lyrics that made the real rock lover in me incredibly happy. It was a peaceful meeting of the minds in my own heart--the bit of me that delights in simple, sweet, flowing melodies and the bit of me that loves loud, rough grooves and wailing guitars. Although they may only have one album, Visiter- these two young ones stretch their songs well beyond the definition of a 'young band starting out.'
The Dodos-Bob.mp3
The Dodos-Fools.mp3

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