Monday, April 7, 2008

Extremely LOUD and Incredibly you...

music is my beach house
I sadly realized tonight that my lil blog is over one year old and i completely missed her birthday! There have been many a day where i sought solace and comfort in my site-finding her to be the highlight of my day. Silly but true. I had often thought about starting my own blog but was always daunted by how many writers there already were on the scene and what would i have to say that would be any different than what anyone else was saying... It was not until I went to see Elvis Perkins for the first time and checked some of my favorite fellow concert goers pages and saw that NO ONE had written about my beloved. How could this be possible?! And so...i grew enough nerve and decided that it didn't matter if no one read it, or even if people did- i had artists i WANTED to write about and music i desperately wanted to share. It led me to places i never dreamed i could go-working with some of the best people in the business and i could not be happier for making the jump. Sometimes i bully Jaime into writing for me and every now and again my dearest sister reports in about the DC/Annapolis/Baltimore music scene when she isn't out and about saving the world, or at least trying to make it a better place. I truly with my whole entire heart believe that music unites, saves, inspires and creates love and every one's lives would be at a loss without it. In every single culture and even species there is some form of music. It makes our world a smaller and closer community and i think we could all use to remember that every now and again. So if you have enjoyed even the most minuscule of my ramblings i thank you.
Taken Too Young.mp3
The Strokes-Alone Together.mp3


Anonymous said...

keep at it sher sher-remember that xmas card you recieved, it is people like you that make a difference.

sarah said...

Writing a blog is something that I enjoy thoroughly. You're right on about a blog becoming something you want to do especially when you set aside the number of readers. Keep it up!