Tuesday, April 1, 2008

To end the longest of days

Ever since i was little i have sought and taken complete comfort in words. Snuggling into them like crinkled covers or the lap of my Gran there are books, poems, letters, films and of course songs that i have re-visited and lavished more attention upon than some of my actual relationships. This confession might seem sad to some, but i think it has worked out well for me in the long run and those who i am fortunate enough to have love me in my life swallow this aspect about me like a well dosed grain of salt and accept me for the awkward being i truly am. When faced with new encounters, jobs, interviews, or random daily happenings i often am found standing politely yet silently in the nearest nook i can find and more often than not daydreaming about the latest tune i am rolling around in my head. Recently i was lucky enough to spend a brief but brilliant amount of time with someone who i feel has changed my life in ways that only a special few could ever do. Coinciding with this radiance i came into understanding about Bon Iver. I have been listening to him since October and of course was a fan early on of the hauntingly sparse 'Skinny Love' but it is only recently that i subsided to the simple beauty of his album entitled - For Emma, Forever Ago. Half jokingly half out of seriousness i texted one of my nearest and dearest whilst waiting under an umbrella in the rain for a late dining companion exclaiming, 'someone needs to take my bon iver away from me!'...because my addiction had reached certain levels where i felt it was/is becoming unhealthy. And so, with this, i provide you the mp3 of his live performance during SXSW...via KEXP and NPR. If you do not immediately embrace it for its elegance and grace then try and imagine saying goodbye to someone you do not even know how to describe in words let alone emotion how much you are even going to begin to miss them...
Bon Iver Live @ KEXP/NPR/SxSw.mp3
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