Thursday, April 10, 2008

And all the sudden it IS sPriNg!

And what a better way to celebrate than with some incredibly endearing new music from one of my favorite local bands, Takka Takka. The perfect soundtrack for when the sidewalks of New York become sun kissed and everyone and every thing all the sudden seems overwhelmingly pleasant. Fall is by far my favorite season and will always have my heart but there is nothing like springtime in the city. Everything is just beautiful, just like Takka Takka's upcoming album, Migration. Unabashedly honest and streaming with emotion it is experimental and seductive. Bubbling along slowly and softly the effect is quieting and calming. Spring is a time for innocence, love, re-birth and discovery and with Migration Takka Takka is effervescent and precious. Stay tuned for album release details and such and until then catch them live!
~~~~~~~~~Upcoming Shows~~~~~~~~
18-Troy, NY | Positively 4th Street. With Dave Godowsky. 9pm.
19-Northampton, MA | The Basement. With Dave Godowsky. 9pm.
25-New York, NY | WBAR-B-Q. Barnard College. With Crystal Stilts, Les Sans Culottes, others. 5pm.
**tracks removed upon artists' request**
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