Thursday, May 3, 2007

Declare Independence!

Bjork last night at Radio City Music Hall was hands down one of the best concerts I have seen. Period. Having gotten the chance to be sitting literally dead center in the orchestra about 4 rows back made the experience seem larger than life. The minute Bjork hits the stage you cannot take your eyes off of her, your ears have not heard better sounds and your mind can't help but think how damn good this is. I am not going to review this show song by song but I do need to point out that her performance is something that is one of a kind. It does not hurt her that she makes music that in of itself is in its' own league. Having the chance to be sitting next to one of my friends who has to be one of Bjorks biggest fans in New York City it was great to just turn to my right and see her expression; clearly ecstatic and thinking "does life get better than this?" I usually can ramble on and on about shows but I think this is just one you have to see in order to "get it." As an Artist, Bjork is unlike any other, in both her visual and vocal performances and she is well deserving of the price she charges for admittance. I must point out that the duet with Antony was stellar and kinda left you with the your jaw on the floor thinking "Did I really just hear those two go off like that?" If you are going to either of the remaining New York City shows you will know exactly what I mean.

*Bit from NYtimes Coachella review:
"Bjork’s visually beautiful show was dance music, too: she merged electronic beats with a live drummer and an all-female brass choir, playing songs from her new record, “Volta,” as well as bigger rearrangements of old songs like “Hyperballad” and “Joga.” The same could be said for Konono No. 1, the Congolese band with three thumb-pianos sounding like a bass guitar and two rhythm guitars; its long, trancelike improvisations in a single mode made the crowd move and cheer as if it heard the next big thing."
*BrooklynVegan and My Headphones Y'All were there as well.
Antony- If It Be Your Will.mp3
(Bjork with Antony) The Dull Flame of Desire.mp3

-Jaime W.

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