Wednesday, May 9, 2007

New York- Meet The Shackeltons

If you do not have plans for tomorrow night (before going to see Albert Hammond Jr of course) then you have no other choice but to head on down to the Cake Shop to check out these lovely boys from Chambersburg, PA! They caught the attention of KEXP morning DJ- John and recently signed to his record label, Loveless Records. I am very excited to see how their energy transcends on stage- from what i have heard they sound like an infectious, rowdy bunch! They describe themselves in pretty creative terms on their myspace page, "The Shackeltons are dressed in uniforms once worn by men fighting wars with guns and grenades, but The Shackeltons are fighting a different battle. This battle is not to destroy, but to rebuild. Rebuild that which has been destroyed in everyone: hope, love, compassion, and optimism. "I'd rather see your soft heart then see your soft skin". "The robots purr like my favorite kittens and I'm forced to love them even though it's with you, who I'm smitten". Hmmm...well, guess we will have to investigate more to see exactly what that all meant, right?! RIGHT! See you tomorrow night!

Your Movement.mp3 (Highly Recommended)
The Yellow Cadillac.mp3


Amy said...

Hope you enjoyed the show!

New music coming soon!

Shelves of Vinyl said...

i LOVED them! am so excited for their next show at the annex on the 23rd!