Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Johnny Borrell loves Solar Energy!

Not only is Johnny Borrell the lead singer of popular UK band-Razorlight but he recently took time out of his busy summer festival schedule to record a 'solar powered' song to support Friends Of The Earth. "'Funeral Blues' exists to highlight the solutions to climate change which exist, and which could flourish if the government introduces a strong climate change law.
The Big Ask campaign is calling for a law that will commit the UK to cutting its carbon dioxide emissions by at least three per cent every year. The track was recorded at The Premises in Hoxton, which is powered by 18 solar panels, and features just Borrell and a violinist. The track is being premiered on Radio 1 this afternoon, after which it will be available for free download for a limited period of two weeks from Friends Of The Earth ." (via NME)

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