Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Oh this French Band- Making the dreams of TEENAGE boys EveRy where come *true*

Teenagers! Seriously-what to do with them? Especially french Teenage boys from Paris! They write lyrics about how easy American girls are to snag*- how beautiful Scarlett Johanson is and throw around my least favorite word ever...'c**t.' Alas, the music lover in me looks past all of this and for good reason too. They are catchy and fun, perfect for those summer dance parties. Mix in a little Hadouken! add a dash of Cajun Dance Party, and finish it up with The Teenagers and you have an international lovefest! This triplette group has been friends since high school and have already been noticed by Vice Magazine who interviewed them a bit ago as experts on 'classy' hipster parisian fashion. Their album does not hit stateside until January of '08. Until then you can keep checking their myspace for more videos of french girls-oh come on boys-you know you will.

Sunset Beach.mp3
Starlett Johansson.mp3
*Ahem, mon chéri Teenagers-we are NOT!

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