Monday, May 21, 2007

Bands to be excited about this week

The Maccabees and The Shackeltons!

First off, tomorrow The Maccabees
will be releasing their debut full-length album, 'Colour It In' and i highly recommend that you go out and pick it up. Not only do i love their infectious blend of lyrics ridden with heartbreak and adolescent lust but they have some of the most creative music videos out there right now. 'First Love' has been on heavy repeat in my office with 'X-Ray' following close behind. Shortly these UK lads will be teaming up with fellow Brits Bloc Party on their upcoming US tour as well as The Noisettes. Get there early and check them out!!! In case you cannot wait until tomorrow to check out the album visit Spinner who will is nice enough to have the whole album available for your streaming/listening pleasure.
The Maccabees-Latchmere.mp3
X-Ray (South Central Remix).mp3

Wednesday it is The Shackeltons! This band is fantastic live. How could they not be with the support of Loveless Records behind them? Hello! Definitely head down to The Annex to check them out! I am also excited to check out Bear Hands who are also on the bill and under the same management as The Rosewood Thieves.
Your Movement.mp3

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Amy said...

So glad you're able to go to the show tonight.
That picture of Mark you have is great!
Tell the band Amy says hello!