Wednesday, May 9, 2007

This is an offer- to better the last let go...

Last night marked Bjorks' last New York City date and fans everywhere sighed a longing breath of saddness at this occassion. It is simple. There is no one else out there like her. No other voice with such a pristine angelic quality. No lyrics filled with sharp wit, overwhelming passion and lust for love. She is without a doubt an icon and revolutionary artist and once you see her live show, your eyes will never be the same. She is like a mystical creature telling you a story with a tingly, spirited voice with such strength you wonder how it is possible for anyone to not like her. I could not move from my stance or remove my eyes from the stage, it was all so beautiful.
The set list was perfection. A mix of favorites and samples off of her new album, Volta, which is simply amazing. Her guests were two of the music communities most accomplished members and the audience loved them for their presence during this celebrated performance. I was overwhlemed with excitement at finally getting a change to hear Antony live. The instant he stepped foot on stage i had goosebumps hoping he would sing my favorite track off of the album, 'The Dull Flame of Desire' which he did. The admiration between Bjork and Antony was clear and the presence of this was a joy to witness. Brooklynvegan captured the song with series of beautiful photos that i invite you to check out. Her second guest, Min Xiao Fen joined her for 'I See Who You Are' with gentle perfection.
Her stage antics made her seem even less life like. Hoping about with a childlike joy and grace, off beat but completely dead on all at the same time. Composed confusion against the backdrop of primative banners, bright colors, various apple accessories, keyboards, brass instruments and a 10 piece all female Icelandic band Bjork had the audience following her every aspect of being. I was saddened at the shows' end, with 'Declare Independence' i knew it would be the last moments of seeing Bjork until her return to the city or some other lucky chance occassion.

Bjork, 'i love your eyes, my dear-their splendid sparking fire' and we hope you find fans who adored your shows as much as we did.


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Todd said...

great review of an amazing night!!! i have coachella, united palace saturday show, and radio city already downloaded. all are pretty damn good quality. i will have video of her coachella set soon as well!

great times and good to see you back to back on monday/tuesday at such GREAT shows.