Thursday, May 17, 2007

BREAK-in case of anything!

I had always heard that !!! were something to see live and last night i finally had my chance. After LCD Soundsystem on monday night and Arctic Monkeys on tuesday night a band would have to be pretty darn exciting to get me to jump around three nights in a row and well- i don't think any other show could have been more fit for the job than !!!. I must confess, i had quite a bit of difficulty concentrating on dancing while watching what was happening on stage. Nic Offer and John Pugh chimed in with vocals and dance moves that were like a competition between Napoleon Dynamite and Will Ferrelll.

Meanwhile Jerry Fuch (drums), Allan Wilson (percussion, synth, saxaphone), Mario Andreoni (guitar), Tyler Pope (guitar), Justin Van Der Volgen (bass) and Dan Gorman (percussion & synth), fused together jam beats and rock energy whipping the crowd of hippies and hipsters into a frenzy. It was clear that this crazy crew was enjoying themselves just as much as the audience. Highlights included Shananana of Durty Nanas who has joined them for this tour and can definitely hold her own on stage with eight crazied boys-even if that means stage diving onto an unfortunate hipster. Now- you know what i would LOVE to see- the Klaxons and !!!- what do you think Bowery Presents? Maybe?!

MusicSlut and BrooklynVegan were there as well.
Heart Of Hearts.mp3
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