Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Peter Bjorn & John at Webster Hall

After reading BrooklynVegan's review of last night's show i was moved enough to write a bit. Last night was the second time i have ventured out to see Peter, Bjorn and John and i have to say, it was not the best experience.

Their album, 'Writer's Block' is still one of my favorites to come out in the past few years- of any artist. Which says a lot. Maybe it is because i adore most Swedish bands, or the fact that their Mercury Lounge show was one of the best shows i have ever seen at that venue, or the fact that their live set is so enjoyable that i can't help but want to sit down and listen to them just thinking about it. Each track is similar to the previous, yet different enough for you to enjoy it for its' individuality. That sounds like a bit of a trite statement, but it's not. I love 'Amsterdam' for the suddle way it has of making you feel like you are back in that city, roaming the streets- yet the melody is so groovy it makes you want to dance. 'Young Folks' makes you want to just jump around and be silly. 'Chills' is so fantastic right from the get go, 'Your tongue is sharp, but i miss the taste of it, you say time heals, there's not enough of it"- is so perfectly worded, in a way that everyone can relate to EXACTLY what Peter is saying. 'Up Against The Wall' also supports its' lyrics with a flowing yet solid beat and fits in perfectly in the middle of this overwhelmingly solid album.

Yes, i know what this review is reading like a gushy lovefest for Peter, Bjorn and John, which is my point- of how disappointing the show was last night compared to the Mercury Lounge show simply because of the audience alone. I could not get over how many people did not know this album, this beautifully crafted album. This range of songs that put them on everyone's playlists and was a few months ago, the ticket to snag and the show to go see. I would say roughly 65% of the audience left after 'Young Folks.' I heard complaints about how slow the set was in the beginning, how annoying it was that they kept talking, how 'alright, i am going to leave now, they played my song.' (yes, that was actually said by someone standing next to me.)

Before i sound completely rude and annoying about my fellow concert goers i just put this out there- why go to see a band for one song?! An excellent live band, one that can actually sing and play their instruments and are FANTASTIC live?! Isn't that the whole point of standing for 3 hours (the whole show, Au Revoir Simone, Fujiya and Miyagi and Peter, Bjorn and John clocked in at a little over three hours in duration.) is to see and enjoy the bands you payed for? I longed for the crowd at the Mercury Show for both Fujiya and Miyagi and Peter, Bjorn and John. I missed my dancing partners, every one singing along and begging for them to play their second encore of the night. I couldn't help it. Last night had it's own highlights. 'Sitar Folks' was playing before the band hit the stage. I enjoyed that they began with their lesser known songs and then were able to revve it up towards the end. Heather did a good job trying to take the place of Victoria for 'Young Folks.' Fujiya and Miyagi were dead on, even though no one was dancing or even clapping really. I was very impressed that they could keep their energy going. So to end my tirade...Peter, Bjorn and John are well worth the ticket and so is listening to more than just the 'one' song off of their album.

Sitar Folks.mp3
*and whereas i should stick to simply reviewing a band, an audience can completely change the overall chemistry of a performance. phew!~

NME review.

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