Tuesday, April 3, 2007

On Holiday

Not that anyone could say that Albert Hammond, Jr. is really on holiday. He has been touring since November in support of his solo album, Yours To Keep which has received well deserved love since its' debut. Of course there will always be comparisons to The Strokes and to Julian-but that was always expected. What has been a surprise for most people is how GOOD the songs actually are- how GOOD Albert's voice is- how TIGHT the live performances have been. The Strokes are either loved or hated but one thing stands on its' own and that is their work ethic. Albert definitely has carried on that standard through out this tour. Sold out dates, loving audiences, performances at South By Southwest, KEXP in studio sessions, numerous interviews with magazines and tv spots. If Albert did not deserve a holiday before he definitely does now! It was fitting that he should return to New York and play Bowery Ballroom as one of his last dates along his US Tour. While all of the interviews that i have read have centered around Albert alone his band was just as entertaining. The room was filled with familiar faces and friends for which Matt, Josh, Marc, Steve, Todd and Albert played a layed back yet spectacular set. It was clear everyone was enjoying themselves without missing a single note while throwing out hello's and jokes to all those gathered. It was really interesting to see how much of a feeling of a band came across from November during their CMJ show up until last night.

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